Journal Papers
  • Mazzoleni M., Mondino E., Matanó A. et al. (2024). Modelling the role of multiple risk attitudes in implementing adaptation measures to reduce drought and flood losses. In Journal of Hydrology, 636, 131305.
    Keywords: Risk perception; Adaptation strategies; Human–water dynamics; Droughts and floods; System dynamics.
  • Reimann L., Koks E., De Moel H. et al. (2024). An Empirical Social Vulnerability Map for Flood Risk Assessment at Global Scale (“GlobE-SoVI”).
    In Earth’s Future, 12, e2023EF003895.
    Keywords: Social vulnerability; Vulnerability modelling; Flood risk; Risk assessment.
  • Meijer L.G., Reimann L., Aerts J. (2023). Comparing spatially explicit approaches to assess social vulnerability dynamics to flooding.
    In International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 96, 103883.
    Keywords: Social vulnerability; Coastal flooding; Disaster risk; Vulnerability modelling; Flood risk.
  • Shyrokaya A., Pappenberger F., Pechlivanidis I. et al. (2023). Advances and gaps in the science and practice of impact-based forecasting of droughts. In WIREs Water, e1698.
    Keywords: Drought; Early action; Early warning systems; Impacts.