Climate risk assessments for every european region

Making regions resilient

Providing financial, analytical, and practical support to improve regional climate and emergency risk management plans

The project

CLIMAAX is an Horizon Europe funded project whose aim is to develop a customized framework and toolbox for climate risk assessment, assisting communities in evaluating past experiences and empowering them to take action.

Call for evidence

We are seeking evidence on principles, guidance, standards, frameworks and reports on regional and local risks assessments, developed and applied in Europe and beyond for different purposes. 

We encourage the submission of evidence from diverse sources, such as regional or case studies, policy reports and commissioned assessments that may not be accessible through scientific bibliographic databases.

The evidence can be provided in any language of the European Union!

Latest project news

Groepsfoto CLIMAAX meeting

CLIMAAX project successful kick-off

The kick-off meeting of CLIMAAX project was held from 23 to 24 January 2023 at Deltares premises in Delft. All the 19 partners participated in this first official meeting and, in a friendly way, introduced their organizations basing on meaningful objects they brought with.

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