Open Call for Regions

The second Open Call for regions and communities has been launched on the 1st of July and it will run until the 15th of October 2024. Applicants who were not selected in our first Open Call are welcome to participate again.

Who are we looking for?​

We are looking for individual applications from:

  • Public bodies (including regional authorities, municipalities, as well as public agencies) with a mandate to develop Climate-related Risk Assessments and Risk Management Plans in a given region or community;
  • Non-profit legal entities representing a local/regional community of people with social ties, shared values, or interests, engaged in joint action developing their activities in areas with vulnerability to climate change impacts and challenged by climate change adaptation.

To do what?

Proposals should aim to generate a regional Climate Risk Assessment by:

  • Adhering to methodological coherence (addressing hazard, exposure, and vulnerability);
  • Using quantitative methods with relevant data (observational or model-based);
  • Addressing various climate risks (multiple hazards);
  • Ensuring comparability across regions and time frames for a comprehensive climate risk synthesis;
  • The proposal must cover the three phases approach (see picture beside).

What are the benefits?

CLIMAAX Open Call beneficiaries will receive:

  • Up to 300,000 EUR lump sum funding per project;
  • Access and bespoke support to the CRA toolbox;
  • Methodological guidance and support through the CLIMAAX helpdesk;
  • Technical advice and counseling to implement the locally tailored methodologies using local data and approaches;
  • Access to the outreach and engagement events organized by CLIMAAX.

How to apply?​

We strongly recommend you read carefully the CLIMAAX Guide for Applicants before starting to fill in the Application Form. In case you have more questions, you can have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or mail to us your inquiry.