CLIMAAX project successful kick-off

The kick-off meeting of CLIMAAX project was held from 23 to 24 January 2023 at Deltares premises in Delft. All the 19 partners participated in this first official meeting and, in a friendly way, introduced their organizations basing on meaningful objects they brought with.

In a such stimulating atmosphere, partners underlined the implication of adaptation to the climate change which does not consist only in technology but also needs a social transformation. During the first day of meeting, partners examined the possible applications of CLIMAAX findings on 5 pilot regions (Catalonia, Latvia, and the cities of Oulu, Setúbal, Žilina). Real life approach addressed the discussion, focusing on practical applications of climate data regarding, e.g., fires, flood and drought and sea level rising.

Indeed, many European regions and communities have limited experience and resources to integrate available local and global data, models, and concepts into a context-specific Climate Risk Assessment (CRA). For an authoritative CRA, local data and evidence need to be integrated with established pan-European reference data and scenarios.

CLIMAAX project will provide substantial financial, analytical and practical support to regions and communities to develop and improve their CRAs by a number of activities.